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So many of our daily interactions are now centered around the convenience of technological automation and online accessibility. While we certainly believe in the traditional, boutique-style approach to providing customized financial advice, the actual booking stage of connecting with an experienced investment professional shouldn't be a difficult task.

We have chosen to introduce online booking options for investors to reserve time on your advisor's calendar, plus the ability to book client support sessions with members of your administrative team. 

What types of meetings do you offer?

Not all advisors participate in our online booking program. Online bookings with an advisor are available in video or phone structure only.

When should I consider booking calendar time? 

Complimentary Consultation

Initial introduction for future clients to meet with a founding partner and advisor, Nick J. Russell, CRPC®.

New Client Onboarding

One-on-one new client onboarding assistance from your admin team, with screen share or live text session capabilities.

Client Filler Consultations

For those times when you want to touch base with your advisor outside of your regularly-scheduled meetings.

Client Paperwork Support

One-on-one paperwork completion support from your admin team, with screen share or live text session capabilities.

Schedule Time on a Team Member's Calendar

All meeting structures are automatically formatted as phone call appointments. To request a different meeting structure (video call, in-person, or live text session), please let us know when prompted to add additional meeting details at the time of booking. Not all advisors participate in our online booking program. Online bookings with an advisor are available in video or phone structure only.

Bookings are exclusively reserved for our valued clients and prospective clients. Wholesaler and sales call requests will be respectfully declined.

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Advisory Team

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Admin Team

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