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It's critical to understand your company vision and extend that to the consideration of all business aspects. Chat with a financial professional to discuss realistic options based on your company's financial health, industry, and number of employees.

Small Business General Planning

Small Business General Planning

Your financial professional will conduct a comprehensive review of your small business and explore employer and employee retirement plan options.

Use of valuation methods to help if you are planning on selling your business in full or in part. 

Discussing tax planning options in regards to employee benefits, executive compensation, and capital gains of the business. 

Small Business Retirement Plans

Small Business Retirement Plans

Helping business owners find the right retirement plan for their business, employees, and themselves. 

Review existing retirement plans and creating education programs to help employees understand current benefits. 

Providing solutions such as 401(k)s, Simple IRAs, SEP IRAs, defined benefit (pension) plans, and profit-sharing plans. 

Employee & Executive Benefits

Employee & Executive Benefits

Helping your business attract and retain key employees through benefits packages.

How to include non-wage benefits to supplement income for owners, key employees, and/or all employees.

Finding the most appropriate solutions for business continuity in the case of an owner or key employee's passing.

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