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Welcome to Your Disney Employee 401(k) Resource* Hub

Disney is the quintessential household name for its relatable characters and storylines, inspiring youthful daydreams of future princesses, knights in shining armor, dragon keepers, outer space warriors, or superhuman heroes. 

With its grand playground of imagery, every Disney detail is carefully sculpted to delight the senses of children and adults alike. The Walt Disney Company is quick to credit its well-deserving cast members and employees as the true heart of bringing magical moments to life - and we couldn't agree more. 

Purpose of this page: To educate employees on your existing options for the employer 401(k) plan you are a participant in. 

 Your Walt Disney Company Investment Options

Great news! Your Disney plan is fairly flexible, allowing for use of 401(k) Optimizer, and participation in an SDBA or in-service distribution. Based on length of employment and employee age, certain plan options may not be available. 

Learn more about the differences between 401(k) Optimization, Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts (SDBA), and in-service distributions:

401(k) Specialist Line: 407-351-3476

How We Support Employees with Disney Plans

Founding partner and Investment Advisor Representative, Nicholas J. Russell has been working with Disney employees for over 15 years with:

 A comprehensive understanding of your specific plan options and any applicable limitations

Experience in accompanying employees on Fidelity calls

The offering of a complimentary consultation or second opinion of your current portfolio

One-on-one assistance completing rollover paperwork and asset transfer

Overall organization of investment accounts and household portfolio consolidation

Additional Q&A

Who is Fidelity Retirement in relation to my plan?

Fidelity Net Benefits is your default retirement plan provider.

I am nearing retirement. How and when do I start the rollover process? 

Here's what to expect:

  1. Contact your assigned plan representative or call the Disney Employee Administrative Services (EAS): 321-939-7000
  2. Identify your projected retirement date and what rollover paperwork is needed
  3. If you do not have an IRA, we'll assist with the new account opening process
  4. Funds will not be available for about 3 weeks post official retirement date
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* Please note: Neither Cetera Advisors LLC nor Sunrise Wealth Advisors, Inc. are affiliated in any capacity with The Walt Disney Company. The purpose of this specific page is to share our professional knowledge base and familiarity with clients who are/were employees and participants of an offered employer plan. All logos, trademarks, and intellectual property are to be credited to each respective company brand. 

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