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Riskalyze FAQ

  • Does this service cost me anything?

    No. We take care of all charges associated with Riskalyze so that investors can focus on strengthening their understanding of how and why their portfolio holdings are allocated.

    This tool helps us identify your emotional risk tolerance and compare the results to your current portfolio holdings. Your Risk Number results help us work with greater precision in our recommendations for you.

  • Do I need to be a Sunrise client to take the quiz?

    No, not at all. While we love our Sunrise clients, we feel everyone should have access to this data-driven tool. Need a second opinion afterwards? We offer a complimentary consultation as well. Book an introductory advisor meeting today

  • What happens after I complete my questionnaire?

    Here's where the really cool stuff happens. You and your advisor will discuss what your Risk Number® and GPA are. A GPA measures the efficiency of your current portfolio allocations (there isn't a failing grade, so no stress!). From there, we run reports and utilize a bunch of fancy, powerful tools that compare benchmarks, individual stock performances, and more.

    If you're a hands-on type of person, then all of these tools are a data-generated visual dream. 

  • Why should I take this quiz?

    This is a complimentary tool to help both investor and advisor ensure risk tolerance is aligned with the former's portfolio.

    There is no obligation or sales pitch: this is a tool created to deepen your understanding of how efficiently your portfolio is allocated and what alternative allocations may better suit you.