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You have the right to know what you are paying for and why. 

Of course, a large portion of the time dedicated to preparing for our meetings and monitoring your portfolio strategies is completed behind the scenes. For example, a 60-minute meeting oftentimes requires research, illustration or paperwork, and strategy reviews - all before we get to connect with you. If you ever have questions about a fee structure, simply ask and we are happy to discuss further to ensure you are comfortable and understand the process.

Your Future

As an independent firm, we are proud to offer flexibility in the style of relationship and money management strategies we work with our clients on.
For clients who desire a comprehensive financial advisory relationship, which includes a retirement income analysis each year, we charge a flat annual fee ranging from $1,000-2,500 based on complexity of their situation. For clients who have specific investment-related concerns, but do not desire a comprehensive plan, we charge a fee based on the assets we manage for them ranging from 0.85-1.5%.

It is our sincere goal to present reasonable fees without sacrificing quality service and care.

It is fairly common for households to have a portfolio comprised of fee-based and commission-based accounts. With that said, we offer complimentary initial consultations to all prospective clients. This allows us to decide together if Sunrise is the best fit and which fee structure would be best for you. 

For additional questions regarding fees or compensation, please contact us directly by emailing . You may also send a text message during regular business hours (M-F, 9 AM - 5 PM Eastern Time) to (407) 759-7991, our live SMS general support line. Standard carrier rates apply.

Additional compensation may apply in the form of commissions for purchase of individual stocks, bonds and through service fees (12b-1) for mutual fund transactions. Fees, charges and expenses are detailed in the Cetera Advisors LLC's ADV Part 2A.



Commission-based, meaning there are trading costs per buy/sell

  • Built to sustain a long-term, buy-and-hold investment strategy
  • Passive management
  • Trading fee, otherwise known as a commission fee, associated with each buy or sell


Fee-based, meaning there is a wrap fee that includes buy/sell charges

  • Built to be more reactive to current market events
  • Active management
  • Inclusive of trade costs, a wrap fee is based on the assets we manage for you and ranges from 0.85-1.5%


Comprehensive financial plan and ongoing guidance, which includes a retirement income analysis each year

  • Comprehensive financial plan and ongoing guidance recommended to pair with this type of account
  • Flat annual fee ranging from $1,000-2,500 based on complexity of your situation
  • Payment frequency may be divided into quarterly or semi-annual ACH events at no additional cost to you
  • Receive automated upcoming payment reminder emails 7 days prior to your ACH date


There may be additional fees charged by the broker-dealer, custodian, or third-party manager including but not limited to:

  • Annual account maintenance fee: common practice across all custodial company; may range from $40-$100/year
  • Early policy surrender penalty fee
  • Account transfer or closure fee
  • Paper statement fees (if you elect to opt-in to electronic delivery, fee should be waived)
  • Insufficient funds or returned check fee

Case Study Samples

To provide you with a deeper understanding of how a financial planning program and account types may apply to different investor lifestyles, view the sample household profiles below:

This case study represents a composite illustration and should not be construed of a guarantee of similar tax planning results.

Christopher, an engineer, is a 14-year employee at a local aerospace company and is eyeing a retirement date in 5 years. Ellie, a corporate hotel VP, has an old 401(k) at her previous employer and also participates in her current employer's 401(k) plan. Together, Christopher and Ellie have one son, Chris Jr., age 13.

Approach: Hybrid Portfolio of Brokerage and Advisory Accounts

Main concern: Will we have enough in retirement?

Household net worth: $1,000,000-$2,999,000

Portfolio balance: 

  • ~$852K in 401(k) (C)
  • ~$479K in 401(k) (E)
  • ~$179K in IRA (C)
  • ~$103K in beneficiary IRA (E)
  • ~$78K in IRA (E)
  • ~$23K in 529 Plan (FBO Chris Jr.)

Risk tolerance: Growth (C), Total return (E)

Time horizon: 5-8 years (C), 8+ years (E)

Number of dependents: 1

Kelsey is a 26-year old post-graduate student, and has been working at a large entertainment corporate office for 7 months. She participates in her employer's 401(k) plan, which offers up to a 3% annual match.  Kelsey currently rents with a roommate, which allows her to save about 65% of her salary per month. 

Approach: Financial Consulting and Brokerage Accounts

Main concern: How to start investing and conduct a comprehensive portfolio analysis/plan

Household net worth: $0-$79,999

Portfolio balance:

  • ~$7K in old 401(k)
  • ~$18K in cash checking account
  • ~$1K in current 401(k)

Risk tolerance: Significantly aggressive

Time horizon: 8+ years

Number of dependents: N/A - none

Charles is a small business owner of a successful hardware shop and plans to expand to two other locations within the next year. He is interested in how to set up a retirement plan and match for full-time employees. Additionally, Charles wants a review of his current financial portfolio.

Approach: Financial Consulting and Advisory Accounts

Main concern: How to scale a business and offer employee benefits

Household net worth: $500K-$999,999

Portfolio balance:

  • ~$426K in SEP IRA
  • ~$100K in cash savings
  • ~$21K in Roth IRA

Risk tolerance: Aggressive

Time horizon: 8+ years

Number of dependents: 3

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