Games and Activities

Hit the Road: A Financial Adventure Game                                           Grades 5+
Hit the Road: Una Aventura Financiera Grades 5+
InvestWrite®  by SIFMA Grades 4+
Stock Market Game™ by SIFMA Grades 4+
StockTrak Global Portfolio Simulations                                                College
U.S. Mint's Coin Collectors Club        All Ages
The Whys of Tax Activity  Grades 7+


Learn to Count Money                                                                              All Ages
Shop Smart    Grades 5+
Understanding a Check and Balancing a Checkbook                  Grades 4+

Lesson and Assessment

Before You Choose A Credit Card (PDF)                                                Grades 7+
How Much Do You Know About Credit? (QUIZ) Grades 5+
Money Knowledge PDF and Answer Key (QUIZ) All Ages
Money Smart for Young People (PDF & VIDEO) Grades 7+
Moneytopia - Setting SMART Goals (VIDEO)  Grades 7+
Savings: Comparison Visual Posters (PDF)  All Ages
Understanding Taxes: The Why's of Taxes (PDF)  Grades 5+

More About...                                                      

College Scholarships and Financial Aid Ideas                                           All Ages
Currencies Around the World (ARTICLE)     All Ages
Student Loan Interest (ARTICLE)  Grades 7+
College Costs, Graduation, and Post-Graduation Income Grades 7+

Resources                                         (Securities and Exchange Commission) (Financial Literacy and Education Commission)       (submitted by a Little Investor!) (Federal Student Aid, U.S. Dept. of Education)